Office Visits

Initial Consultation

You’ll stop by for your free consultation and you’ll get to meet the awesome Kochis Orthodontics family. We’ll examine your mouth, snap a few photos and take a digital x-ray. Our doctors will determine your diagnosis and the best course of treatment. We’ll sit down with you and your parents, unless you’re a grown-up, of course, and chat about your treatment goals and options. We’ll also answer any questions so you can make an informed decision.

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Pretty girl wearing braces smiling cheerfully

Get Your Braces Put On

This part is pain-free and there are no needles involved. We’ll simply attach the brackets to your teeth with special glue. A team member will place the archwires and if you want to wear colored elastics, you can choose your favorite shades. This process takes 40 minutes to an hour. Once finished, we’ll explain how to care for your new braces and you’ll be ready to go show off your new smile.


Every 4 to 8 weeks, you’ll drop by for an appointment. We’ll check on your progress and make adjustments, bringing you one step closer to your dazzling, new smile. Every visit we’ll be sure to answer your questions and keep you updated so that you’re confident about your treatment. For kids and teens, we make sure their parents or guardians know exactly what’s going on too.

Smiling little girl in with braces and glasses showing heart with hands.
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Get Your Braces Taken Off

This will be the “Best Day Ever”.  Using special tools, we’ll take off your brackets and wires, which also doesn’t hurt. Once your teeth are polished, you’ll get to admire your beautiful new smile.

Retainer Time

When your braces come off, your teeth naturally want to shift back to where they were before treatment. Wearing your retainer is the only way to maintain your results for life. When you see how great your teeth look, you probably won’t mind at all. Congrats on your fabulous new smile!!

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